IPTVLead is a complete IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Solution.

IPTV - Internet Protocol TV is now updating your experiance to watch TV and IPTVLead is Leading IPTV Service Provider Worldwide. Now its time to update your old fashion Cable TV and satellite TV bills to the brand new IPTV Technology.

Who We Are ? What We Offer?

Company Size

We're around 56 members working in office to maintain everything.


Around 30 members are on support. Skype, Chat or email us anytime.

Servers Locations

Basically Servers are from Netherlands but we're using CDN so it will be nearest to you.

Our Location

We're working on the project in Australia/USA.

How many Live TV

Around 7000 LiveTV streams available. No Buffer, Fast Zapping, 95% Perfet Uptime & Local sources.

How many VOD?

Around 4000 updated VOD, TV SHOWS and series.

Do you offer EPG?

Yes we offer EPG on our LiveTV channels of IPTV auto embed and XML.

Other Serices?

You can contact us for other services.

little explanation...

IPTV also called Internet Protocol TV is the new technology to watch TV via internet connection. Mostly the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sell these type of services to their consumers.
Yes, IPTV itself is legal. You must buy from authrized dealers. There are many unauthrized sellers in the marketplace, using their services is illegal.
Yes it should work over there. Everywhere internet is available it will work. We have 10GB+ servers on balancing the load and using CDN services.

We're excited about your Joining

30,000 customers worldwide using our services. Many more coming daily :)

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